Prospect Park Neighborhood Association


Located on the Northeast side of the City of Ypsilanti the Prospect Park Neighborhood is a very diverse and community orientated neighborhood.  Many of the neighbors enjoy backyard gardens, volunteering and our annual block party.   Its the type of neighborhood where kids play and families get together to watch one of the many city parades that pass by our neighborhood.

The homes in the neighborhood were generally built in the late 1940s and early 1950s with a number of turn of the century homes mixed in.   Many of the residents moved to our neighborhood for an affordable starter home but after living in the neighborhood they have decided to stay and raise their families.

The Prospect Park Neighborhood offers more than just a great community spirit, our location can't be beat.

We are within easy walking distance to the Depot Town shopping and entertainment district, the farmers market, the Corner Brewery,  Riverside Park, Frog Island Park, and Prospect Park.  A little bit further of a  walk with take you to the campus of Eastern Michigan University, The Downtown Ypsilanti Shopping and Entertainment District, The Riverside Arts Center  and the Public Library.

If you are already a resident of the neighborhood or looking to become one take your time on this page to learn what is going on in the neighborhood.

The Prospect Park Neighborhood Association is located on the Northeastern side of the City of Ypsilanti, Michigan.   The boundaries are Forest Ave. on the South, River St. on the West, Prospect Avenue on the West, and Holmes Road on the North.

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The north park of this1868 Image is the Peck Property which was to become the Prospect Park Neighborhood.